WP Rocket Free Download WP Rocket Coupon Plugin

WP Rocket Free Download WP Rocket Coupon Plugin

Free Download WP Rocket Coupon Plugin

WP Rocket Free Download WP Rocket Coupon Plugin. WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin developed to speed up WordPress websites with less effort. It is currently used on almost 500k online websites and is both easy to use and full-featured. If you want to speed up your website, WP Rocket Coupon is a good choice. There is a large number of free WordPress caching plugins available, but with something as important as caching you are going to want access to support to store huge data, and that is why I would recommend using WP Rocket Coupon on your website.

Is It Really the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

Caching is a very important aspect of website optimization that can quickly damage your website if you’re not being careful. There are large number of free and paid WordPress caching plugins out there, but you have to choose one with great support and features for your needs. WP Rocket Coupon is considered by many as the best WordPress cache plugin because of its user-friendliness and extra options of features, but is it really the best WordPress caching plugin?

Here’s a breakdown of what we’re going to cover:

WP Rocket Coupon Overview
WP Rocket Coupon is a user-friendly WordPress caching plugin and performance optimization plugin that make sure to “make WordPress load fast in a few seconds”. Currently being used by 500K+ online websites, it can boosts your website loading time by:

  • Creating page caches
  • Compressing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files
  • Image lazyload
  • And more optimization features

WP Rocket Coupon: Features and Settings
WP Rocket Coupon offers useful features that make it easy to optimize any kind of website.
1. Quick Setup
A big issue with other WordPress caching plugins is the complexity of setting up and configuration for all users. That’s what WP Rocket developer wanted to solve by creating a caching plugin that takes only a few clicks to set up.
2. Page Caching
Page caching is WP Rocket’s most basic feature. Website cache stores selected page contents once a user visits a page for the first time. When the old user revisits that same page, the site cache uses the stored content and loads it much fast than the first visiter. To configure caching settings with WordPress Rocket Plugin, just go to “Settings” in the left-side panel of WordPress Dashboard, click “WP Rocket Option”, and then you will see WP Rocket’s Plugins settings area.
3. Browser Caching
Using browser caching, a web page’s static files are stored in the browser Memory (e.g. Google Chrome). Once the old visitor revisits this page, the static files do not need to be loaded again, leading to faster loading time.
4. Minification
WP Rocket Plugins also reduces the weight of your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files through minification. This leads to faster loading time.
5. E-commerce Friendly
Many caching plugins are not supported by e-commerce plugins like Woocommerce, showing all sorts of problems for the visitors. WP Rocket is fully supported by e-commerce plugins like Woocomerce, Easy Digital Download, iThemes Exchange, Jigoshop, and WP-Shop. All Woocommerce pages are automatically checked and not cached.

WP Rocket Other features:

  • Image optimization
  • GZIP Compression
  • Sitemap preloading
  • Cache preloading
  • Google Fonts optimization
  • Deferred JS loading
  • DNS Prefetching
  • Mobile Detection
  • Developer friendly
WP Rocket Review: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a solution to keep your website fast and optimized then WordPress Rocket is the best thing you can get for your money.

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