Salient 12.1.2 – Salient WordPress Theme Review

Salient 12.1.2 – Salient WordPress Theme Review

Salient WordPress Theme Review

Salient WordPress Theme Review. Salient WordPress Theme is one of the most popular premium products available on Themeforest, which you can buy. Salient has great potential for customizing reviews of including many pre-built features like slide selection, page animation, and portfolio custom portfolio.

About Salient Theme

Salient Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme is one of the most popular and highly rated WordPress themes in Themeforest, with over 50,000 sales. Created by ThemeNectar Company. A significant WordPress theme requires the Salient Visual Composer plugin to work. WooCommerce is only required in the Salient context if you are going to sell products online from your site.
WordPress Salient Style and Design

This theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes you can download from here today and any time you need it because of their attractive design and wide range of features that have attracted a lot of attention since it was first released.

It has improved its design for a better user experience on a daily basis, so the Salient theme options and control panel are now more powerful. It is designed not only for developers but also for beginners can work as a professional website designer and use its own documentation.

Features of the late theme

Remarkable WordPress theme has many options for completely customizing the design of your website. Here are a few of the key factors that set this team apart from the crowd at the top.
Major Options Panel

After using the theme, you will see a menu item in your dashboard. Under the submenu Salient »General Settings, you can see all the newly discovered options
Icon options
• Icons and buttons
• background and font colors
• typing
• Head colors, padding, and opacity
• foot columns and credit note
• …and more

If you stick to the built-in icon loading speed, you can change the color of the icon or choose to upload your own custom icon (like your logo). You can also customize the animation of the icon as you need from the default spin to a “smooth spin” effect.


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