Jupiterx.1.13.0 – Free Download Jupiter WordPress Theme

Jupiterx.1.13.0 – Free Download Jupiter WordPress Theme

Free Download Jupiter WordPress Theme

Jupiter WordPress Theme is Multi-Purpose Responsive wp Theme is an Exact Copy of Jupiter WordPress Theme – Multi-Purpose Responsive theme distributed by art bees. Here you can download free Jupiter WordPress Theme – Multi-Purpose Responsive wp theme under GPL license. Educational purposes only. Freelancers or bloggers, however, even established businesses are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to gaining most of WordPress.While the advantages that one can procure from this platform are limitless, there is a certain amount of attentiveness that it requires. One of the basic aspects of developing a website on wp is choosing an adequate theme like Jupiter WordPress Theme.

Introducing Jupiter WordPress Theme

Keeping this in mind, you definitely cannot afford to make the wrong decision. If you’ve browsed through the list of best-selling and most-appreciated themes, you must have come across Jupiter WordPress Theme. Developed by Artbees, the Jupiter WordPress Theme has been downloaded more than a 100000+ times.

Considering the popularity that Jupiter WordPress Theme beholds, developers decided to provide it a complete makeover and launch Jupiter WordPress Theme – an aesthetically and advanced version of its preceded form.

What Can Jupiter WordPress Theme Do?

To create demos and to make customization easier, Jupiter WordPress Theme is meant to complete a variety of things for you. To begin with, this theme uses the Elementor Page Builder heavily in different ways. Considering how this builder is being used by a majority of website developers and owners, this aspect is surely a plus point. Apart from just customizing individual pages on the website, the Elementor builder can also be used to:

  • Developing header/footer sections
  • Customizing blog archive pages
  • Creating portfolios

And, much more.
Moving forward, the Jupiter WordPress Theme comprises a handful of bundled plugins that lets you have access to a gamut of latest Elementor widgets. Thus, if you like Elementor Page Builder, using Jupiter WordPress Theme will be a smooth ride for you.
Apart from that, Jupiter WordPress Theme also comprises comprehensive controls for WordPress customizer, WooCommerce integrations, and other bundled plugins, like:

Style & Design:

Being a multi-purpose Jupiter WordPress Theme, Jupiter wordpress theme comes with enhanced and improved capabilities. This theme comprises a massive number of features, and the latest version has updated designs along with cutting-edge technology, fitting perfectly into almost every type of website. It makes sure that your website turns out to be unique and gets an upper-hand when compared to your competitors. And then, one of the considerable advantages is that it can be used easily not just by professionals but beginners as well.

Incorporation of Elementor Page Builder:

This well-appreciated Jupiter WordPress Theme comes with the free version of Elementor that can be easily obtained. However, the functionality of this free version can be expanded when bundled with add-on plugins, like Raven, Jet Elements, and more.

Individual Page Customization:

With a myriad of templates provided by Jupiter WordPress Theme, you get new widgets and a lot of flexibility while building or customizing individual pages. Widgets can be added for a variety of things, such as:

  • Post grids, carousels, rollers
  • Forms
  • Portfolios
  • Pricing lists or tables
  • Team members

And, a lot more of them.
Beyond these new widgets, you also get to grab page templates and new blocks that can be inserted through the Elementor template library.

Building Header/Footer:

Although the free Elementor version is quite good enough when it comes to developing page content, however, it doesn’t allow you to customize or tweak other areas, like the header and footer of Jupiter WordPress Theme. To fill the void, Artbees provides Raven plugin. This tool can be used to build a header and footer seamlessly. While editing the header or footer, this plugin will launch the normal interface of Elementor. Apart from regular widgets, the Raven plugin also adds steadfast widgets for different purposes, like site logos, navigation menus, and more.

Customizer Controls:

To provide you an authoritative control over non-element or content and widely-used styles, Jupiter WordPress Theme comes with detailed controls over QP customizer. The way of using customizer controls is different for Jupiter Theme when compared to other kinds of themes.
Rather than letting you use the innate customizer sidebar; Jupiter WordPress Theme displays a popup window the moment you click over any area of theme setting. Although the difference in the interface can be seen, however, you can still have a tab on all the changes in real-time, similar to the innate wp Customizer sidebar. One of the best things about Jupiter Theme would be its extreme intuitiveness. Sometimes, the native sidebar of wp can become quite long, considering how narrow it is. In such a situation, this popup window seems to be helpful. But this popup approach also comes with a downside. Sometimes, it can completely block the live preview. So, to get rid of this issue, you can move around the popup window anywhere on the screen.
Here are some of the specific aspects that you can customize:

  • Header controls
  • Fonts & typography
  • Sidebar settings
  • Title bar
  • Footer settings
  • Blog single layout & metadata
  • Likewise, you can even synchronize your maintenance and 404 pages to Elementor templates.
Setting Up Jupiter WordPress Theme:
  • Once you’ve activated Jupiter WordPress Theme, you get a hold on Control Panel where you can perform basic settings.
  • To begin with, a nice-looking interface offers you an option to install and activate any necessary plugin.
  • By visiting the Settings area, you can add scripts to different spots on the website, including Google Analytics area.
  • And then, there’s also a specific area where you can set up the size of your images as and how you wish to.
  • You can use the Templates option on the Control Panel to import demo content. Here, browsing through a variety of templates and importing them is just a matter of a few seconds.
  • One essential thing that you must keep in mind is that it doesn’t give you the rights over images and videos available in templates. Either you’ll have to purchase the rights or upload your own media. While importing, you can also select whether to import images and videos or not.
  • Once the process of importing is finished, your website will look exactly the same as displayed on the demo website. You can then customize and tweak it according to your requirements.
What Else Can You Expect from Jupiter Theme?

Predefined Templates:
Jupiter WordPress Theme is brimming with 100+ page block templates. These are customizable, readymade, and handcrafted templates to help you launch your site within a few minutes. To make things easier for you, these attractive demos even cover a huge variety of categories.
Adequate Performance:
While doing Jupiter WordPress Theme we found that a wide range of options and features aren’t going to pose any hurdle in the performance of this theme. The art bees team has put a lot of effort while developing the theme to ensure a smooth user experience.
Miscellaneous Features:
Apart from a handful of primary features, there’s something more than you can expect, like:

  • Multi-language support
  • RTL support
  • Google & Adobe fonts
  • Auto update
  • Responsive & retina ready
  • Developer friendly
  • Theme Customizer
  • Save & reuse sections
  • Undo redo options
  • Custom color picker
  • Customized lightbox
  • Revision history
  • Autosave

And, a lot many other things.

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