Generatepress 1.12.2 – Download Generatepress Theme Review

Generatepress 1.12.2 – Download Generatepress Theme Review

Generatepress Theme Review

Generatepress Theme Review If you are thinking of using an online WordPress blog or changing an existing wp theme on a blog let’s check out more with Generatepress WordPress Theme. The GP Plugin is one of the best and fastest WP themes right now. This Generateratress WordPress team has a free and premium version. In this GP detail, we will focus mainly on the popular premium type of press. We will talk again later, we will also talk about the free version of the Generatepress WordPress theme.

What is GeneratePress Theme / Plugins?

This is a free weightless WP theme, you can use this to create any type of blog, build a business website, portfolio website, design an eCommerce website with a Woocommerce plugin, etc.

Generatepress Theme Review Features

First we will show you more details of the GP theme before starting Generatepress.


I always check out the new WP theme out of the box without having to customize to see how fast the base of the theme is. This shows me more than I can expect before adding other plugins, scripts, etc. Tests are performed on good handling with the latest version such as PHP 7.4.
One thing you should know about the GP, you don’t have to worry about GeneratePress performance. Built with a modular design, and Tom has made sure that all files uploaded to GeneratePress are as small as possible. With HTTP / 3 (QUIC), the number of files is less important. But size! See the basic GeneratePress files below:

/generatepress/assets/css/main.min.css 5.0 KB
/generatepress/assets/js/main.min.js 2.1 KB

The modular design is beautiful. You can start / run anything you don’t use to make sure they don’t upload texts to your site. As a developer of the Perfmatters plugin, with a built-in script manager, I felt at home about this. Everything should be built this way.

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