Divi v3.9 – Divi Theme on WordPress for Lifetime

Divi Theme on WordPress Overview

WordPress theme Divi is one of the unique themes and page builder combos for WordPress. Divi is a top theme mostly using by webmasters. Divi Theme on WordPress been around for several years and since of that, it’s got a big userbase of lovers. It boasts of many innovative features that are distinctive to Divi. Though some aspects of utilizing Divi Builder are easy, complete there are too many options crammed into it may become overwhelming. Divi is an incredible value, especially whenever you consider you may still buy a lifetime license and utilize it on unlimited websites. With lots of support channels, for many issues, Divi may have you covered. Occasionally support lacks a personal touch.

Divi Theme Builder

When individuals state Divi, often they do not realize they’re referring to two things. The WordPress themes Divi and also the Divi Builder. While you’d just use the Divi Theme with the Divi Builder, you can utilize the Divi Builder with any WordPress theme. To begin with, the Divi theme on WordPress is good, but I find it basic. But with Divi 4, your reliance on the theme Divi is minimal like you are now able to produce everything from the Divi Builder. The Divi Builder is the most advanced page builder that I’ve used for WordPress. It a lot more options, more flexibility then all the others combined.
In technical usage, I think its entirely overkill and overpowering in a bad manner. I think they would like to adapt their users and in this way offered too many options versus creating some decisions for their users. So just be ready. Divi Builder is a shortcode based contractor. Many people already know this, I do not like it, however, you are going to must decide for yourself if that’s a huge deal or not. My issue with its Elegant themes can easily solve the issue, but they have not. As far as templates go, there is a TON of them more than each of the other page builders. They keep which makes them because they sell, however, I do not find them that practical or useful. Sure they’re beautiful, but they’re more for learning purposes versus sensible usage. People are drawn to Divi because they’re the only WordPress page builder that provides a lifetime cost, that will save you a lot of cash with time.
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Divi Best Features:

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Right-Click Options
  • Modules
  • Layouts
  • Theme Customizer
  • Split Testing
  • Divi contact page
  • footer pack divi
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Wireframe view
  • Inline Editing
  • Search Options search bar
  • Disable Top Tier Dropdown Menu Links
  • Alternative Scroll-to-Anchor Method
  • Hide Logo on mobile
  • Slide

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